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Mon Jun 3 20:25:16 UTC 2002

=B4=DC=D8=E2=E0=D8=D9 =B1=E3=D7=EB=DA=D8=DD <fay at vniiftri.ru> writes:

> RedHat 7.2, inn-2.3.2-5.i386.rpm on the news.err says next:

> innd: Perl function filter_art died: Modification of a read-only value at=
tempted at /usr/bin/filter/filter_innd
> .pl line 572.

> how i can fix it?

At a guess, you're running into this problem:

URL: <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/faqs/inn.html#S4.3>

Subject: 4.3. Modification of read-only value attempted (Cleanfeed)

INN 2.3 and later have an internal optimization to the interface to
embedded filters that makes filtering about 15-20% faster, but which
disallows a trick that many versions of Cleanfeed use to count the number
of lines in the article.  (This problem is fixed in current versions of

To correct this problem, find the line in Cleanfeed that looks like:

    $lines =3D $hdr{'__BODY__'} =3D~ tr/\n/\n/;

and change it to:

    $lines =3D $hdr{'__LINES__'};

The __LINES__ hash value is set internally by all recent versions of INN
and is guaranteed to be correct.

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