[2.3.2] makehistory segfaults due to cnfs problems

Torsten Hilbrich email at myrkr.in-berlin.de
Wed Mar 13 19:53:24 UTC 2002

Katsuhiro Kondou <kondou at isc.org> writes:

> In article <87it8s13e7.fsf at myrkr.in-berlin.de>,
> 	Torsten Hilbrich <email at myrkr.in-berlin.de> wrote;
> } I run "makehistory -O -F" and soon run into a segfault.  Using a debug 
> } version of makehistory I noticed that the error occured in free, called
> } from cnfs.c line 1523 (function cnfs_next):
> It looks like the code is correct.

The priv.len (being a large negative) looked very suspicious to me. 

> } By commenting out the DISPOSE line I was able to rebuild both the history
> } file and the overview database.
> It may work, but memory would be leaked.  How about
> setting true for articlemmap in inn.conf?

I will check if this setting changes anything.


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