readers.conf ignores specified IPv6 prefixes

Antonio Querubin tony at
Mon Mar 18 02:28:19 UTC 2002

Just wanted to report a problem with the way the current snapshot handles
(or doesn't) specified IPv6 prefixes.

If an IPv6 prefix is specified in readers.conf, it disconnects immediately
for IPv6 connections and generates a 502 error:

502 You have no permission to talk.  Goodbye.

Connection to host lost.

The above error would be generated for example, if the reader.conf file
has the configuration below and I attempt a connection from an IPv6 host
in the 3ffe:8160::/28 blocks (works fine for IPv6 connections from


auth "guests" {
    hosts: "3ffe:8160::/28,"
    default: "<guest>"

access "guests" {
    users: "<guest>"
    newsgroups: "*"


However if I replace the IPv6 prefix with a domain suffix on the hosts
line and then connect from a host whose IPv6 address reverse-maps to the
domain suffix, eg:

hosts: "*,"

then INN stays connected to the incoming IPv6 session.

The problem is consistently reproducible as I toggle between using a
domain suffix and an IPv6 prefix in readers.conf.

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