pwrite() bug?

Alexey Promokhov ayp at
Wed Mar 27 03:02:14 UTC 2002

Hello Russ!

25 Mar 2002, Russ Allbery wrote:

 >> } After nonessential local troubles I've been forced to rebuild whole
 >> } overview database. First I've rebuild history file, then tried to run
 >> } 'makehistory -x -O -T /var/tmp'. But the following messages did
 >> } ocurred:

 >> This should be fixed recently.  Try latest STABLE snapshot.

 RA> I didn't backport xpwrite, though, which I think is necessary (and even in
 RA> CURRENT tradindexed doesn't actually use it yet).  Let me do that today,
 RA> and then try a STABLE snapshot tomorrow....

Just tried inn-STABLE-20020326. Now xpwrite return -1 with errno==14.

Is there a workaround to get my news spool in operable state?

Alexey Promokhov <>, 2:5020/2388.1513,

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