[CURRENT-20020502] controlchan typo

Bettina Fink fink at irrlicht.net
Fri May 3 21:50:14 UTC 2002

On Fri, 3 May 2002, Russ Allbery wrote:

>> Yeah, that mystified me too; the latest checkgroups processed fine on
>> 1.7.2 and two older CURRENT snapshots, but failed on 2.3.3 without even
>> a log message.  I'm not sure what's going on there; it's rather
>> disturbing.  I'm going to try to track that down and figure out what's
>> going on.
> pgpverify was returning <moderator at dana.de> as the signer rather than
> de.admin.news.announce, which is what control.ctl was expecting.  Removing
> the <moderator at dana.de> UID from the key in my local key ring solved the
> problem.

That might help, but is not the problem's core, I've checked four

1). INN-1.5.1:
$ grephistory '<checkgroups_2002-05 at dana.de>' | xargs cat | pgpverify

2). STABLE-20020418:
$ grephistory '<checkgroups_2002-05 at dana.de>' | xargs sm | pgpverify

3). STABLE-20020501:
$ grephistory '<checkgroups_2002-05 at dana.de>' | xargs sm | pgpverify
<moderator at dana.de>

4). CURRENT-20020502:
$ grephistory '<checkgroups_2002-05 at dana.de>' | xargs sm | pgpverify
<moderator at dana.de>

All machines use PGP-2.x, but 3). and 4). also have GnuPG installed
somewhere on the system (but it should not be used). I'm pretty sure
that it has something to do with that.

This is the directory listing of ~news of machine 3)., sorted by time:

| [...]
| drwxr-xr-x    4 news     news         4096 May  3 03:15 log/
| -rw-------    1 news     news          330 May  3 03:58 .Xauthority
| drwx------    2 news     news         4096 May  3 10:57 .gnupg/
| [...]

As you can see, a ".gnupg" directory was created "May  3 10:57",
which is exactly the time of the failing control message:

| May  3 10:57:41.459 + newsfeed.hanau.net <checkgroups_2002-05 at dana.de>
| (@041E003CD251000400000000000000000000@) 30402 inpaths! [...]

GnuPG is interfering (as I said, it's installed but is neither con-
figured nor should it be used), and pgpverify is returning the wrong
signer ID. mmmh. Strange. I'll do some more investigation ...


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