[CURRENT-20020502] controlchan typo

Bettina Fink fink at irrlicht.net
Fri May 3 22:23:55 UTC 2002

On Fri, 3 May 2002, Russ Allbery wrote:

>> All machines use PGP-2.x, but 3). and 4). also have GnuPG installed
>> somewhere on the system (but it should not be used). I'm pretty sure
> > that it has something to do with that.
> As of the last pgpverify checkin on both STABLE and CURRENT, GnuPG is used
> by preference if it's installed and available.

Yes, that's what's in NEWS, but I'd like to have the choice and so I
tried to convince INN to use PGP _even_ if GnuPG is installed, without
success. After removing GnuPG from the system, everything went back to

$ grephistory '<checkgroups_2002-05 at dana.de>' | xargs sm | pgpverify

Is there no possibility to have both GnuPG and PGP installed on the
system and tell INN which one to use?


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