inn 2.3.3 problems:

Slava Filimonov slava at
Tue May 14 00:07:35 UTC 2002

Hello inn-bugs,

I've found next problems in INN 2.3.3:

1) innfeed/misc.c:

dolog() -
char *p  is not freed after use, this is memory leak!

logOrPrint() -

from 2.3.3 is using vsnprintf() which is not
implemented on digital unix osf4 (althrough osf5.1 Tru64 does vsnprintf)

2) using --with-perl and gcc causing configure script to pass
perl ccopts "-fprm d -ieee -std" to gcc so make fails due to gcc
errors. This problem is on digital unix platform, tru64 - osf4,osf5.1

Had to change to remove these params if gcc is used:
>     if test x"$GCC" = xyes ; then
>       for i in "-fprm d" -ieee -std ; do
>           inn_perl_core_flags=`echo "$inn_perl_core_flags" | sed "s/ $i//"`
>       done
>     fi    
3) in nnrpd/article.c:


is returning -1, errno==22 "bad arguments" on digital unix.
This is not portable there and needs to be replaced with usleep().
So there should be a script in to produce portable usleep()
or current form of select if usleep() is not exists on current

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