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    ITLIQUIDATION, INC is an industry leader in providing affordable
computertechnology to schools and businesses.  Our servers look and perform
like new for a fraction of the price of new.  When you buy from ITL,INC : 
  * Get personalized service from our own in-house sales staff 
    * Have access to our Live Customer Service department that will solve
anyproblems quickly - you save time &frustration 
    * Are able to match your technology needs to your available budget - we
offer systems at all price points

           SUN ENTERPRISE 250 DUAL CPU SERVER - $1237.50 
  * 2 x 300MHz UltraSPARC II Module 
    * 2-MB external cache per processor 
    * 512mb RAM 
    * Dual 9GB Hot Swappable 10,000 RPM SCSI Hard Drives 
    * CD-ROM 
    * 10/100 NIC 
    * Integrated SCSI Controller 
    * Keyboard &Mouse 
At ITL, we understand that servers are customized. 


Let us add memory, additional hard drives, backup devices, RAID controllers
or a server OS to your spec. 
  * Upgrade to 400MHz Processors for $980 
    * Each additional 18GB 10K SCSI Drive add $199 
    * Upgrade to 1GB of total system memory for $498

  Why don't you take the next step and give ITL a call?     

Denis DaSilva 

Vice President of Sales 


978-685-0701  Phone 

866- ITLIQUID (485-4784)Toll Free 

978-945-7676  Fax 



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