Turn Declined or Rated cases into commissions.

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Mon Nov 11 18:43:24 UTC 2002

 Insurance Policy for You


This Life Policy Just Delivered! 

Male, Age 55 

•  Cigar User
•  Stroke 3 years ago
•  No speech impairment 

Other companies' best offers:  Table 3
Professional Insurance Brokerage:  Issued Preferred Non-Smoker 

Why use us for your IMPAIRED RISK clients?
Because we can turn your declined or rated cases into commissions for you!
Sex Age Face Amount Condition Other
Company Professional Insurance Brokerage Male 46 $400,000 Diabetes -
Rheumatoid Table 4 Super Standard Male 49 $1,000,000 5 cigarettes a day
Smoker Preferred Non-Smoker Male 46 $3,000,000 Tobacco Chewer Smoker
Preferred Non-Smoker Female 66 $250,000 Heart - Depression - Chews Declined
Standard Female 83 $500,000 High Blood Pressure Standard Preferred 

Allow our experienced staff to go to work for you and find the best company
and product for your client. 

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