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T H E  B L A C K&nbsp D I S K &nbsp2 0 0 2 ®
The  Truth  is  Waiting 

Perhaps the most controversial CD-ROM in America Today 
 You must be at least 18 to order  

  * Wholesale Sources ($29 value!) 
    * Do Background Checks 
    * Get Criminal Records 
    * Brain Analysis Software 
    * Drop-Ship Directory ($29 value!) 
    * Bankruptcy Records 
    * AOL Super Tools 
    * The Black Consumer Guide 
    * Drivers License Reports 
    * Surf Anonymously 
    * Games and Game Cheats 
    * Phone Number Look up 
    * Do Employee Checks 
    * Track Web Activity 
    * Exotic Spy Sources Software 

  * Shocking News Footage 
    * Secret Conspiracies 
    * Mind Control Theories 
    * 100s Self-printing Reports 
    * Auction Software! 
    * Forbidden Knowledge 
    * Controversial Videos 
    * Untracable Email 
    * Classified Ads Secrets 
    * Underground Web Sites 
    * Spy Equipment Suppliers 
    * Money Making Schemes 
    * Investigation Sources 
    * 100s of business ideas 
    * Find out ANYTHING about ANYONE 

Do not be deceived by imitations! You have discovered the most valuable
collection of secret and insider information on the internet today. This is
not some disorganized generic "disk" like the rest. The Black Disk contains
executable software and unique media. 

The Black Disk CD-ROM is your source for underground cracking teams and
investigation tricks, and includes spy resources and detailed wholesale
lists. There is just too much to list. You will be absolutely amazed!
HUNDREDS OF MB of information, software, and multimedia! Incredible
introductory price: Only $20, shipping included worldwide! Please be sure to
include your name and mailing address. For entertainment & information
purposes only. 

Only $20 Shipping Included! 
Click below to BUY NOW! with with any major credit card 

[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][1]No Credit Card? No problem! 

Send $20 (Cash, Money Order, Check) to: 

HBI Enterprises
PO Box 6594
McLean, VA 22106 

Please make checks payable to: HBIE 

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