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Mon Nov 18 09:51:42 UTC 2002

FROM :George Benson
 TEL : (00225) 05-74-16-68). 
 Dear One,
 With due honour I propose this deal to you.I am
George Benson, a Gambian National
 resident in Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire and works in the
remittance department of Bank of 
Africa Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire.I have decided to solicit
for your cooperation in
order to transfer into your account or any account you
will nominate the total sum of 
Three Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars (US$3.5M)
deposited in the suspense account 
and belonging to Mr Hassan Umar a Lebanese who was
until his death in the political
crises of last year in this country was a car dealerin
the city of Abidjan.Mr Umar, was a 
customer to our bank (Bank of Africa) and ever since
his death, his Moroccan fiancee who is also
his next of kin travel to India 
to see her cousin and ever since then has not return
back to Abidjan. But from a reliable source, I
learnt that she died in the earthquake that occurred
in India last year together with her
 cousin as the house where both of them were staying
at that moment was affected by the 
earthquake.  I have concluded every arrangement /
plans on how
 this transaction can be successfully achieve. I have
investigated, traced and understand that no other
 person can come for this money as the owner and the
next of kin are no more alive. And that
 we can successfully transfer this money to any 
foreignaccount without no problem.
 So before our bank or the directors notice,confiscate
or hijack this fund, as it has been the 
order of the day in our bank. Let the fund become ours
(you and me) as I am the only one now who
 have notice the existence of this fund and what has
happened to the owner
 and the next of kin.
 I will need you assistance in the following ways:
 1) For you act as the next of kin to Mr
HassanUmar(the owner of the fund).
 2) To provide a bank account where this money will be
transferred into.
 3)To be guardian of this fund until when I will come
over there and the final disbursement made
For your assistance I will offer you 30% of the total
fund while 10% will be mapped out for  
expenses to cover local and international taxation,
communications etc.
Should you be willing to assist in this deal, send me
your reaction stating your condition
and on receipt of your mail, I will send to you the
system on how we will proceed.  
 Please note, that this transaction is risk free.Give
me a call on the receipt of this mail 
through my direct line above for more clarification.
Please keep this transaction highly 
 Hoping to hear from you so that we can proceed.
  Thanks and Yours sincerely,
  George Benson.

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