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    I'm going to keep this plain and simple... You want to advertise?  We have the BEST way to do it and we gurantee it. Call us at 617-499-1911 and you'll find  out what IP to IP advertising is ALL about.

We offer you the most advanced way to get your message out to the world! No more worrying about Proxies, Mail Servers, E-mail Addresses, and your ISP cancelling your account. Why Because this is not e-mailing. No acquasations of spamming or the repercussions that could happen if you sent out messages via e-mail.

With IP-ADV Send you send your message STRAIGHT to the computer with their IP! All you have to do is type in your message, set an IP range (easier then it sounds), and hit send. It'll send the message to every computer in that range!

You can either send to entire IP block or you can target send those who left an IP address from looking at your web site [ Its all in your raw log files]

The best part about  ADV IP  Send is it's speed!!! You can send a message toevery computer in the range of XXX.XXX.0.0 to XXX.XXX.255.255 in minutes!!!   

That's up to 65,536 people seeing your message in only minutes! This is currently the fastest, most reliable software like this there is, and we Gurantee It! 

[ We will supply your with The IP ranges of over 10 Million Computers absolutly free... A $1000 Value ]

 Another great thing about IP Adv Send is that it's only a $900 initial charge for the software Interface and the 10 Million IP addresses 
and $700 a month after that. With that you get the software, 100% 24-hour support, and free upgrades for as long as you are subscribed!

    Let me put it like this... In minutes of you using this program, 65,536 people will have seen your message. In 1 hour of using this program, 231,303 people will have seen your message. In 1 day (24 hours) 5,551,284 people will have seen your message! What more could you possibly want?!

Go and call us. 1-617-499-1911

Best yet this is not spamming because you are not even touching their e-mail, its sent as a Pop up box that you can control the size of.

 We're NOTHING like the other software out there, that only work half ass... We will get your message out, with NO problems! 

 We even you offer the ability to have us send your message for you for only $200 per 250k! Think about that, we will send over 250,000 Ip to IP sends for only $250.-

 Go ahead and call us. 1-617-499-1911, Leave your e-mail address and phone# and we will get back to you.

"We Get The Word Out To The Public",

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