biz opportunity

DAN PAUL paul2 at
Wed Nov 27 15:49:11 UTC 2002

Hello dear=2C    
On the 8th of December=2C 1997 an American agricultural
consultant=2Fcontractor with the Niger Basin Development
Authority =28NBDA=29=2C Mr=2E Tom Brian made a numbered time
=28fixed=29 deposit for twelve calendar months=2C valued at
US$15=2E6 million in my branch of Diamond Bank where I
function as the branch manager=2E  On maturity=2C we sent
a routine notification to his forwarding address
through the =28NBDA=29=2C but were informed that Mr=2E Brian
died from an automobile accident on the 2nd of January
1998 and has since been buried=2E 

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