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 	 Issue 17, 
Nov 30, 2002	   	
This newsletter is  issued for organizing committee of 2nd GCC Economic
Forum.  Space courtesy: <>  	
GCC Economic Forum
January 11-15, 2002 - DUBAI, UAE

Building a strong GCC Economic 
Infrastructure for a new oil-independent region.

In the keynote address, Hon. Al Gore addresses the regions senior
professionals from the government and the private enterprises on the
global economic downturn and elaborates on the path to recovery for the
global economy. The Former US Vice president will speak on the role of
the US and European nations in the new world economic order and their
impact on developing countries and also on the corporate crisis that has
led to the  collapse of many big corporations.  
Hon. Al Gore
Former US Vice President	 
 	 GCC Economic Forum will discuss the followings	 
Jan	 11-15	   	The 2nd GCC Economic Forum
<>  Jan 11

GCC Banking Forum
<>  Jan 12

Reinventing the GCC Government
<>  Jan 13

The 7th M.E IT Awards Ceremony <>  Jan 14

3rd PR and Media Conference
<>  Jan 14

The 8th DubTech Conference
<>  Jan

                      Online Registration
<>       Suggestion
for event <> 	 

1. Business monopoly and its effects on GCC Economy:

The prestigious GCC Economic Forum beginning here at the Dubai UAE
discusses issues, which are strategically important to the region’s
business environment, and the role of the US and Europe in the new world
economic order and their impact on developing countries with the birth
of  WTO.  more... <> 

2. 8th Dubtech Conferences - technology perspectives for the region 

The use of Internet and e-commerce, one of its widest applications, is
spreading rapidly throughout the world. The potential for efficiency
gains in terms of speeding up the diffusion of information and transfer
of technology is a real one. more...

3. GCC Financial & Banking Sector:  GCC Banking Forum

Some suggest that creating a GCC economy requires the creation of a GCC
bank that is capable of undertaking infrastructural projects of regional
impact. Is there a need for such a bank? And what kind of grand
“regional” projects should it undertake? This will be a key topic for
the 2003 GCC Financial & Banking Sector forum. more...

4. WTO and GCC Economy:

All countries that are members of WTO committed to reduce trade barriers
since WTO membership entails not only the reduction of tariffs but also
the undertaking of significant reforms of technical regulations and
trade procedures. The trade procedures include items such as import
licensing, red tape, pre-shipment inspection, rules of origin and
customs valuation.  What role can ITC play to facilitate this objective?
more... <>  Presented to you

Main sponsors	 
UAE Ministry of Labour 
and Social Affairs,
Labour Sector	 
More Events on 2003 <>


Mr. Ali Al Kamali 
Managing Director,

It is with great privilege that I present you with “The 2nd GCC Economic
Forum”; an extensive platform to discuss diverse issues challenging the
regions Industries, businesses and government organizations.  The
organizing committee has planned the event comprehensively address
topics from Economy, Banking, Finance, Information technology and the
Media industries. The event addresses each of these topics via dedicated
conference programs. The five day event includes the 8th Dubtech
Conference, GCC Banking Forum, 3rd PR and Media Conference and the
prestigious 7th Middle East IT Awards.

The event attracts significant media attraction with the participation
of global leaders like Hon Al Gore Former Vice President United States
of America.  As the chief organizer of the second GCC Economic Forum, I
welcome you to join us and share and enrich from this initiative.


For more information about this event or other events, visit <>  or <>  	

Thanks for your interest in premier events conducted in the Middle East.
This informative mail is an appreciation to the keen interest shown by
you in such events. We welcome you to join us in our mission to lead the
change in Middle East technology scene. In the event you feel you do not
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