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Hi all,
I just had to send this to the community, when I read it it was like so amazing,that I had to share.

I'm a new quilter and like it that quilts ranging from
the top winners in the country to the most humble
everyday ones get recognition for their importance to
the quilter and our American heritage. So I figured I just had to tell everone about it...

 Quilts of America
Author: Carole J. Gariepy
ISBN#: 0-8283-2067-5

The publisher has it in stock.
They are  available at

In pictures and words, 
QUILT OF AMERICA represents what is best about America, from its teachers to its policemen, from its artists to its scientists. Practically every aspect of life is described in words and in colorful quilts of remarkable beauty.

This book gave me such an appreciation for the art of quilting and what a quilt means.
 I will never look at a quilt in the same way again. Unti now I have never made a quilt before. 
But, after reading this book I want to and will. This book explores how woman used quilting as a means of expressing their emotions and as a way of preserving their faminly history and memories.

A wonderful reference book for all history buffs.

 Every page is filled with interesting facts about great americans who have given so much to our country and our way of life. I highly recomend this book. Not just for quilters, but for anyone who loves history and trivia.

happy reading,
Mrs. Nancy P Edwards, AS

If you recieved this by mistake, I'm sorry, Im new to this Internet thing. And if I seem over eager I apoligize.

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