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Sun Oct 27 05:17:48 UTC 2002

Dear Sir / Madam,

 I Senator Wale Ahmed and i am part of the senate committee here in Nigeria that approves contracts to foreign contractors. 

This contracts are bidded for by the would be contractor and 60% 0f the sum is approved and paid to the would be contractor to execute the contract. 

We, members of the committee have side lined to a kind of contracts that total 890 million U.S dollars(eight hundred and ninety million U.S dollars) and this contracts have been over inflated to the tune of 50% the total sum.
OUR PROPOSAL. Due to the fact that we are members of this committee we cannot apply directly. We need you as a foreigner to apply front for us as a contractor that is interested in this bid .We will provied you with all information and also the mandatory fee for the bid so that you can be eligible,because we are the ones in charge.Your bid certainly will be approved and the funds for the contract sent to you . You will have 20% 0f the over inflated 50%, 30% comes to us and 50% is used to execute the contract.
 I will give you more details when I hear from you. 

Best regards, 

Senator Wale Ahmed. TEL:234-1-7760218
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