db lib selection under Debian

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Sun Sep 15 16:11:09 UTC 2002


The configure checks for finding Berkeley DB don't work under Debian -
newer db packages use /usr/include/db.h and/or -ldb instead of versioned

Originally I had hoped to write a patch, but I'm afraid the combination of
what I know about autoconf and about what INN needs (not enough together)
defeats this.

Instead, I'll list the various options available under Debian. Packages
not named xxx-dev should probably be ignored for this purpose, but I'll
list them for completeness. (As an aside, when using Berkeley DB, it
might be useful to use the same library for ndbm.h functionality. This
is done by #define DB_DBM_HSEARCH 1 #include <db.h> instead of #include
<ndbm.h>, and avoids getting a different version of the library for this.)

Format: release codename, package, path in package (only main include
and library)

* potato is the previous stable, 2.2

potato libc6-dev usr/include/db.h
potato libc6-dev usr/include/db1/db.h
potato libc6-dev usr/lib/libdb.a
potato libc6-dev usr/lib/libdb.so
potato libc6-dev usr/lib/libdb1.a
potato libc6-dev usr/lib/libdb1.so

potato libdb2-dev usr/include/db2/db.h
potato libdb2-dev usr/lib/libdb2.a
potato libdb2-dev usr/lib/libdb2.so

* woody is the current stable, 3.0

woody libc6-dev usr/include/db1/db.h
woody libc6-dev usr/lib/libdb1.so

woody libdb1-altdev usr/include/db/db.h
woody libdb1-altdev usr/lib/libdb.a

woody libdb2-dev usr/include/db.h
woody libdb2-dev usr/include/db2/db.h
woody libdb2-dev usr/lib/libdb.so
woody libdb2-dev usr/lib/libdb2.a
woody libdb2-dev usr/lib/libdb2.so

woody libdb3 usr/lib/libdb-3.so

woody libdb3-dev usr/include/db.h
woody libdb3-dev usr/lib/libdb.a
woody libdb3-dev usr/lib/libdb.so
woody libdb3-dev usr/lib/libdb3.a
woody libdb3-dev usr/lib/libdb3.so

* sarge is the next stable and the current testing

sarge libc6-dev usr/include/db1/db.h
sarge libc6-dev usr/lib/libdb1.so

sarge libdb1-altdev usr/include/db/db.h
sarge libdb1-altdev usr/lib/libdb.a

sarge libdb2-dev usr/include/db.h
sarge libdb2-dev usr/include/db2/db.h
sarge libdb2-dev usr/lib/libdb.so
sarge libdb2-dev usr/lib/libdb2.a
sarge libdb2-dev usr/lib/libdb2.so

sarge libdb3 usr/lib/libdb-3.so

sarge libdb3-dev usr/include/db.h
sarge libdb3-dev usr/lib/libdb.a
sarge libdb3-dev usr/lib/libdb.so
sarge libdb3-dev usr/lib/libdb3.a
sarge libdb3-dev usr/lib/libdb3.so

sarge libdb4.0-dev usr/include/db.h
sarge libdb4.0-dev usr/lib/libdb-4.so
sarge libdb4.0-dev usr/lib/libdb.a
sarge libdb4.0-dev usr/lib/libdb.so

* sid is unstable, preparation for sarge

sid libdb1-altdev usr/include/db/db.h
sid libdb1-altdev usr/lib/libdb.a

sid libdb2-dev usr/include/db.h
sid libdb2-dev usr/include/db2/db.h
sid libdb2-dev usr/lib/libdb.so
sid libdb2-dev usr/lib/libdb2.a
sid libdb2-dev usr/lib/libdb2.so

sid libdb3 usr/lib/libdb-3.so

sid libdb3-dev usr/include/db.h
sid libdb3-dev usr/lib/libdb.a
sid libdb3-dev usr/lib/libdb.so
sid libdb3-dev usr/lib/libdb3.a
sid libdb3-dev usr/lib/libdb3.so

sid libdb4.0-dev usr/include/db.h
sid libdb4.0-dev usr/lib/libdb-4.so
sid libdb4.0-dev usr/lib/libdb.a
sid libdb4.0-dev usr/lib/libdb.so

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