fast Unrevokable Anonymous Drivers Licenses

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Wed Sep 25 07:12:52 UTC 2002

 driver's license


Need a new driver's license? Too many points or other trouble? Want a
licensethat can never be suspended or revoked? Want an ID for nightclubs or
hotel check-in?   
Avoid tickets, fines, and mandatory driver's education. Protect your
privacy,and hide your identity. 
.......TIME TO CALL 212-330-9001 ....... 

The United Nations gave you the privilege to drive freely throughout the
world! (Convention on International Road Traffic of September 19, 1949
&WorldCourt Decision, The Hague, Netherlands, January 21, 1958) 

Take advantage of your rights. Order a valid International Driver's License
that can never be suspended or revoked. 

Confidentiality assured. 
No one is turned down. 

We are awaiting your call today!.
CALL 212-330-9001
Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including
Sundays and holidays. 

If you can't call - we can't help you. 

If your phone is currently tied up, please print this page now! // End --> 

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