Women: Orgasm Rapidly & Intensely During Sex

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Experience Rap= id &Intense Orgasms During Intercourse And With Other Forms
Of Clitora= l Stimulation With Climatique Climax Gel 

Climatique is a specially designed gel that was created for women who wish
toexperience, restore or enhance the pleasure &joy of great sex= . 

How Does It = Work? 

A small amount= of Climatique Gel is applied in a gentle massaging motion=
tothe underside of the clitoris. 

The gel creates both "feelings of warm= th" and a "cooling gentle tingling
sensation&quo= t; and significantly increases clitoral sensitivity to
pleasurable and erotic sensations causing in= creased lubrication and more
rapid and intense orgasms during intercourse and with other forms of

In fact, many women who were neve= r able to orgasm through sexual
intercourse have reported that they are now= able to do so. 

Uncon= ditionally guaranteed, discreetly packaged, safe for use with cond=
oms &oral sex, and, it only costs about $1 per sexual experien= ce. 

And, Climatique = has been tested, recommended and approved by the
Institute=For Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. 

Try it for yourself today and find out why it is used a= nd endorsed by
thousands of women. 

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Ps. New from the makers of C= limatique: the first aphrodisiac for men and
women that actual work= s. 

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