Urgent project assistance

Sadi Ahmed sadiahmed4 at moldova.com
Mon Aug 4 19:43:22 UTC 2003

Dear Friend=2C

I am  Abdul Aziz  Sadi Ahmed from KIRKUK district
in IRAQ from the 
family of late Alhaji Mohammed Mujib Nhabi a  Board
member with the 
petroleum and Gas ministry and is also a member of the
committee for budget planning and strategy =2Cthis
committee is principally 
concerned with contact appraisals and approval of
contracts in order of 
priorities as regards capital projects =2E
My late father Alhaji Mohammed Mujib Nhabi before his
death held a very
 sensitive position in government in IRAQ=2C My father
had a bullet shot 
by the American soldiers on his way to KUWAIT  the
neighbouring country 
to IRAQ=2C He was later conveyed to a government
hospital in KUWAIT for a 
medical treatment wherein he later died of serious
complications of the 
bullet wounds In  the hospital =2C my father  before his
death revealed 
and confided in me about an escrow suspense account
which he has with a 
trust and finance house  in Europe=2E
This escrow account has in it the sum of
=28$30=2C500=2C000=2E00=29 THIRTY
this money was 
accumulated through undeclared windfall from sales of
crude oil =2E
However=2C since after the war=2C I have been in contact
with the Finance 
and trust company over the possibilities of
withdrawing and 
subsequently transferring the money out of the Finance
Company to a much safer  
ground with a new identity but this I can not handle
alone going by the 
volume of money involved and besides=2C this transaction
is better handled 
with a neutral person  outside Iraq to avoid
confiscation of the whole 
Now that the war is over with the allied forces still
in control=2C the 
future is still very blink for us as we do not know
where to start 
The only hope I and my aged mother has now is this
money with the 
security company in Europe=2E I like to use this medium
to seek for your 
help and assistance for you to come to my aid=2E
I proposed that you stand as my proxy person =28that is
my late father 
foreign partner=29=2C so as to assist me in getting this
fund out of the 
trust and finance house=2C  more especially as the
Finance and Trust 
company is requesting that another  account be set up
with them for 
easy transfer of the fund=2E
I wont mind the fund being transferred to your country
where we can 
make proper use of it in a lucrative business
investment over there=2E
This transaction is now only known by you=2C myself and
my old sick
mother whom is now with me in the camp waiting for the
time I get this 
fund out of  the trust house=2C so for us to achieve
success the secrecy 
and confidentiality should be maintained for the
successful transfer of 
this fund=2E

If this proposal satisfies you =2Cplease contact me
srictly throug my 
email address so I can advise you on the modalities of
the transaction 
=2Call modalities of the transfer has been worked out
and once started 
will not take more than 14 working days with your
absolulute support and 
trust =2E
You will be right if you say this transaction is risk
free and viable 
am assuring you that this transaction  is 100% safe =2E
On the receipt of your reply and with a perceived
level of 
understanding  established between both of us=2C I will
provide you with 
the contact  details of the Security Company for you
to verify before  the commencement of the transaction=2E
Please send me your private telephone So I can be able
to reach you for
confidential   discussions as I do not have any phone
now that you 
could call me but I  can  call you from a confidential
phone =2E

Please=2C direct your reply to this my confidential email 

Best Regards
Sadi Ahmed

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