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 WEBMarketing ...beyond the basics

This offer valid only till August 16th, 2003 


Internet Marketing - beyond the basics
A new way to do business that will change business forever and unleash
unlimited prosperity to those who learn these secrets....
For the next 72 hours you can take advantage of this very special offer:

WEBMarketing ...beyond the basics 
The Manual that "let's you in on the Secrets and Tricks of The Trade ."

Just US$149 - delivered by express courier to your door - anywhere in the

The Authoritative Source of Web Marketing for Business with over 200 pages
ofthe latest techniques for successful Internet Marketing - just US$149
covering everything from Search Engine Optimisation, Permission Marketing
Techniques, Viral Marketing, Multi Domain Registration, Opt-In Mail Lists,
Competition Sites and much more.

2003 Update: We have included nearly 100 pages of NEW material that includes
the "77 Secret Techniques" of the worlds web guru's. Not available anywhere
else on the internet.

Review examples of 37 successful websites that will make your mouth water in
anticipation of success. Sites that attract 60,000 Unique Visitors a week -
where the average Website has only 200 Unique Visitors a YEAR! See how low
budgets sites have created 20,000, 200,000, 300,000 and even 400,000 opt-in
email databases with quirky and unusual strategies. 

  WEBMarketing ...beyond the basics covers little known "Trade Secrets" that
unlock the money making potential for Business Marketing on the Web

Understanding The Medium 
A guide to all the Internet's language, systems,
terms and Internet Savy. 

Effective On-line Marketing 
Examine promotional, advertising, marketing and
sales goals for realistic on-line marketing efforts and look at ways to
measure their results. 

Permission Marketing 
What works and what doesn't! Claim the Internet for
yourbusiness the future of the Internet - Permission Marketing. 

Grab Attention On-Line.  
Learn how to create attention getting stand out
marketing campaigns and advertising in the vast, unmapped cyberspace. 

Viral Marketing  
 Grow you business the way hotmail exploded - use the power
of word of mouth referrals speed up by Internet connectivity. 

eMail Marketing Tips and Tricks 

In addition to being a dynamic, affordable marketing tool, eMail newsletters
are one of the best ways to promote a web site and give you and an excuse to
capture valuable data to use for other marketing campaigns. 

Opt-In Database Marketing  
Learn this skill and you will dramatically
increase your business and profits. 

Newsletters Are The REAL Success Story 
Learn why HTML newsletters have
becomethe star application of Internet Marketing in 2003. Review 5 of the
most effective email newsletters currently being sent to opt in databases.
Whether the list is 500, 5,000 or 50,000 strong, these exquisite marketing
tools are just fantastic. 

Winning the Privacy Act changes 
There is nothing to fear with the recent
changes to the Privacy Act. Learn what you need to do, how easy it is to
turnthe changes into a bonus and see samples of Privacy Statements for

Maximising Search Engines  
The number of web pages has exceeded 5 billion
andthe search engines aren't keeping up. Learn strategies to keep you in
front of the pack. 

Success Stories 
We share with you practical examples of the success of
companies using WebMarketing techniques. Companies without multimillion
dollar budgets - creative ideas and a track to run on give outstanding

On-Line Marketing Plans 
There's always a plan behind every brilliant
marketing strategy. To make money on the Internet you need to know how to
clearly identify your objectives and realise your goals. 

Building an Internet Marketing Effort. 
What's it cost and what can you
expect.... you can do it yourself for free or you can pay for the best
advice. What's best for you? 

All this and more... 


Email marketing either to Opt-In Databases or as Targeted Direct marketing
will give you a profitable return quicker than any other form of marketing
effort. There are millions of responsive buyers out there for just about
anything you have to sell. Our bonus offer includes everything you need to
make a start on creating your own WebMarketing success - all on one CD! 

Order within 72 hours and the following bonuses are yours  -  FREE OF CHARGE

    Bonus Offer 1 - Special Sealed Section - TOTALLY REVISED for 2003
    We let you into the secrets that allowed Australia's leading business
seminar company to attract 14,382 attendees from over 4,343 businesses to
seminars across the country. Techniques that have generated in excess of $1
million of income in less than 12 months for cost of a high speed ADSL
internet connection. 
    This comprehensive guide to making e-mail marketing work shows how to
send email messages without upsetting your ISP. These techniques work where
ever you are in the world! Don't believe what you hear about direct email
marketing not working. Read for yourself "the real truth" of how you can
turnyour business around using commercial direct email. This information is
not available anywhere else on the Internet. It is easily worth $99.95 but
isyours FREE if you act before the deadline.
    Bonus Offer 2 - Business Web Addresses
    50,000 business web addresses suitable for general marketing ready to be
used with your selection of software to create your own fresh list of
targeted email addresses. This will save you hours of work and is easily
valued at $149
    Yours FREE
    Bonus Offer 3 - The ULTIMATE Direct Marketers Resource Kit updated June
    All in one place, the most comprehensive list of Internet Direct
Marketing resources and services currently available.
    We have included working versions of over 20 of the Worlds best direct
marketing software programs. That's right, the very best programs available
ready for you to try before you buy. If you like them its easy to register
them and get working flat out. Stop searching for sending programs,
collection programs, list management programs... they are all here, ready
    The very same programs we use everyday - many costing less than $100US
for professional versions.
    Plus, the most comprehensive list of affiliate marketing programs we
could find. You will on your way to making a SUBSTANTIAL income from selling
the best resources available on the 'net - even becoming a virtual store if you like, or web guru Cory Rudel.
    Yours FREE 

The WebMarketing Manual has helped over 4,000 small, medium or large
companies in every corner of the planet in the last 12 months to gain an
"unfair advantage" on their competition. Whether the companies have been
soletraders such as a mom and pop enterprises through to major corporations
like major banks, retailers, wholesalers and catalogue houses, they have
applied the messages contained in this best selling manual and experienced
extraordinary results.

There is no time to waste. Act now and start enjoying the success you

This exciting manual is published by The Maverick Partnership, a division of
Australia's leading business publishing and seminar company. Many consider
our group to be the world's leading publisher of business material on the
internet. Companies world wide have used Australian expertise to scale the
heights of international business success. 

The Aussies are universally respected for achieving outrageous success.
Whether it be staging the Sydney Olympics, Rugby's World Cup, winning the
America's Cup, creating the world's greatest media empire like Rupert
Murdoch's News Corporation or Qantas the world's most profitable and safest
airline. The isolation of Australia, its massive land mass and small
population has created a nation of high achievers. Aussie sportspeople over
achieve - Lleyton Hewett is No 1 in tennis, Greg Norman dominated golf
courses for a decade, Ian Thorpe smashed 20 world swimming records before he
was 21; in entertainment - Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman are
setting box office records in the movies.

So, don't delay, order WebMarketing beyond the basics and start getting

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