Women: New Sexual Enhancement Gel Will Astonish You

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Tue Aug 12 17:57:04 UTC 2003

Climatique - F= inally There's Something For A Woman! 

Now modern science has made a revolutionary climax gel th= at makes it
possible for women to: 
  * Climax easily during intercourse 
  * = Experience multiple orgasms Intensify orgasms 
  * Become sexually excited faster and more easily 
  * Lubricate more quickly and easi= ly 

And in doing so, he= lps women to 
  * Regain, strengthen, or just light on fire their sexual desire (at any a=
  * Boost or ignite a part= ner's confidence in himself and desire for you
(he'll love the way he drive= s you crazy and brings you to climax!) 

Climatique, the original - don't be fooled by cheap immita= tors who charge
you more money for an inferior product. 
  * Unconditional 30 day guarant= ee 
  * Tens of thousands of inc= redibly satisfied women and couples 
  * Free Bottle Special - find out how 
  * Costs about $1.00 per sexual experience! 

Climatique is recommended and approved b= y: 
  * The In= stitute For Advanced Study of Sexuality 
  * The American College Of Sexologists 

Our Customers Rave About It! 
  * "Abolutely wonderful! I= used it immediately and it was the most amazing
orgasm I've EVER had!&nbsp= ; 
  * "Made me feel like = I had one big G-spot!" 
  * "Climatique works wonderfully. We are both in our 50s and it has brou=
ght our youth back for us." 

Try it for yourself today and find out why it is used and endors= ed by
thousands of women. To order or for more information please go to: 



Loving Touches 

Ps. New from the makers of Climatique: the firs= t aphrodisiac for men and
women that actual works! Just go to: http://www.loving-touches.o=


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   3 3D"http://loving-touches.org/purge.php"

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