Very odd bug in INN 2.4.0

Bruce Pennypacker bruce at
Thu Aug 14 22:48:59 UTC 2003


I have a RedHat linux 9 server that I just installed INN 2.4.0 on.  It's 
acting as a newsserver for the employees at my company and we have a 
dedicated feed with UUNet.  For the most part the server has been 
running fine, however in the past few weeks I've seen the server 
throttle with a "no matching entry in storage.conf" message.  My 
storage.conf does have a catchall, in fact at one point I was only using 
one cnfs storage method wtih * as the newsgroup mask.

To make a long story short, after a bit of debugging I've determined 
that the problem revolves around the newly created newsgroup  Every time innd throttled itself the 
message that it was currently processing was an article for this 
particular newsgroup.  Since removing this newsgroup from my active file 
the server has not throttled itself once.

I'd be more than happy to run any tests on this server for you, provide 
you with any debugging information, etc. to help narrow this wierd 
behavior down.


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