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Tue Aug 26 11:03:04 UTC 2003

Dear Sir,

This mail may come to you as a surprise because you do not know me one on one. But do not worry about that. My full identity  will be disclosed to you in the course of our communication and interaction.

A close associate of yours that knows me very well gave me your contact in confidence when I told him I needed a foreign partner that is reliable and trustworthy to do business with. I merely told him that the business is about import and export of some "rare" items of value.

Before I go any further into the transaction proper,  I am Patrick Petsuwe of Liberia. I am one of the top aides to the embattled Liberian President; Charles Taylor. Since the death of President Samuel Doe in 1990 and the coming into office of the incumbent, Liberia has known no peace. We have witnessed several years of civil war which has brought untold hardship to our people and sorrow to several families who lost their dear ones in the senseless pogrom.

During the seven years reign of Charles Taylor, we achieved relative peace, infrastructural reconstruction and economic stability inspite of intermittent insurrections and disruptions of law and order by disgruntled rebels who are seeking to oust the incumbent President by all means and at all cost.

The International Community in a bid to assist the Rebels in removing Charles Taylor from power, have now resolved that in order to acheive a lasting peace in Liberia that Charles Taylor should go on voluntary exile in any African Country of his choice. Happily enough, the Nigerian Government has offered him Assylum unconditionally.

Due to the above development the President has offered a few of us in his "kitchen cabinet" some huge monetary incentives to settle ourselves and families for life as he might not be able to take all of us and our families with him to Nigeria to settle. He has advised us to make arrangement as soon as possible to leave the country with our families before he finally steps down and leave the country because he knows that the opposition (Rebels) will definitely arrest all his loyalists and dump them in jail over spurious and frivolous charges.

The total amount I have presently in my posession is Twenty Five Million U.S. Dollars.This sum was acquired personally by me over a period of my seven years stewardship in government plus the President's largesse for his loyalists. Now I am seeking your assistance to transfer this fund overseas for safety. Afterwards, my family and I will immigrate to America or Europe with your assistance to aviod persecution at home and to invest our fund to secure our furture.

If you are willing to assist me, please respond as soon as possible through my e-mail address so that we can agree on the following ponit before we start off.

(1) The best Legitimate means to effect the transfer of the fund. 

(2) The amount you are willing to accept as commission for your assistance.

Please note that trust and confidence are required to protect me in this most trying moment of my life.

Time is of essence because of the urgency involved.

Sincerely Yours

Patrick Petsuwe.

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