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Burl Singh b_singhic at sjrb.ca
Thu Aug 28 17:25:49 UTC 2003

Introducing VP-RX Pills
VP-RX will Expand,
Lengthen and Enlarge your Penís 3+ Inches!
100% Satísfaction Guaranteed!

* Totally confidential, no one needs to know!
* No embarrassing doctor or pharmacy visits!
* We have sold over 1 million bottles!
* If you don't like our product don't keep it,
send it back for a 100% money back refund!
* For a limited time, free bottle with your purchase!

Press here for more information.[1]

Remove me[2]

--- Links ---
   1 http://www.dealsbytheminute.biz/mka/m2c.php?man=st4vp
   2 http://www.dealsbytheminute.biz/bek/

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