Put Your PC in Your Pocket

MyMobile mobilitywfs at consultant.com
Sun Aug 31 14:11:12 UTC 2003

Dear Friend,
Put your PC in your pocket and leave your laptop home!!!
This proprietary new cutting-edge product is going to revolutionize the concept of mobile computing. You will be among the first to utilize this stunning new concept in 21st Century Computing when you act now. And, you will reap substantial rewards when you share this innovation with others.
This exciting new information processing tool is a unique, portable 256mb USB device that transforms the mobile computing experience by keeping your personal desktop and the contents of your computer—files, photos, emails, and more—on a portable, easy to use tool smaller than a cellphone. Simply plug into a USB port on any PC, or laptop, and turn any computer into your own—at home or school, in the office, internet cafes and beyond. 
For information about this concept and opportunity, simply send an email with "Send Info" in the subject line to:mymobile at canada.com 
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