Words Appear To Float In Mid-Air!

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 EA012 Message Clock 'Words Appear To Float In Mid-Air!'

EA012 Message Clock 

¡¡ [IMG][IMG]

This programmable message clock has a rapidly oscillating wand carrying tiny
lights (LED's) at its tip that creates the rare display. As the wand whips
through space, the LED's shimmer at megahertz speed so that you see their
light but cannot see the wand. The result - you see a complete image
magically suspended in midair! In addition, this virtual image flips,
scrolls, fades, grows, and crumbles in all different directions completely
puzzling your brain about the device's functioning. And it's whisper quiet!
Floating Messages - light emitting wand moves so fast you can only see the
messages Built-in Year-Round Greetings - Automatically display on
appropriatedays (new years, valentines, day, fathers day, etc.) User
Programmable Messages - 4 custom messages can be stored in memory and
programmed to display on certain dates or as often as you like!
Quartz-accurate clock and calendar. Automatic DST and battery back-up
Captivating animations/digital effects - Interesting non-stop graphic action
on the display attracts and fascinates viewers. 



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