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A British national purchased a TWIX chocolate bar from TESCO

After taking one bite of the chocolate he suffered from asphyxiation =
before going unconcious

After waking up he suffered from severe convulsions and a swollen throat =
as well as numerous other after effects of solvent contamination.

MARS investigated and confirmed in writing that TESCO had used highly =
toxic concentrated industrial floor cleaner to change the prices on the =

MARS removed all the TWIX from the guilty branch of TESCO and found they =
were all contaminated with organic industrial solvents.

TESCO are now seeking to avoid liability for their negligence and are =
seeking to blame Mars by claiming that had Mars used better wrappers on =
their TWIX then the public would not have been put in such horrific =
danger. =20

A Mars representative said that the Industrial floor cleaner used by =
Tesco  had hazchem warnings clearly displayed on the bottle, he added =
that such chemicals do react with cocoa butter producing incredibly =
powerful poison.

Who do you the public believe should be responsible, Mars or Tesco?=20

Please send us your opinion so we can try to make the world a fairer =
place for all to live in!


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