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The Amazing Jack Rabbit Vibrator - 
The Best Orgasm= s Ever 


Find ou= t why it's the world's most famous, unique, and amazing sex toy. 

Not on= ly will the Jack Rabbit massage your vaginal entrance, but the shaft
and he= ad rotate while inside! 

If that isn't enough - the Jack Rabbit vibrat= or comes with an external
clitoral vibrator that makes the= delicate jelly rabbit ears flutter -
allowing you to lightly caress your c= litoris or apply the intense
vibrations directly and be amazed! = 

The Jac= k Rabbit Vibrator is the only vibrator in the world that combines
all of th= ese multiple orgasmic features into one incredible vibrator. 
* The shaft and head of= the Jack Rabbit is made of a realistically feeling
and sculpted pliant jel= ly. 

  * The shaft and head rotate to the ri= ght or the left at multiple speeds
of your choosing. 

    When the shaft rotates, beads = in the base tumble against each other
creating wonderful pleasurable sensat= ions at the sensitive base of the

  * A vibr= ating "rabbit" attached to the shaft simultaneously &exquisi=
tely stimulates the clitoris (also with multiple speeds you can choose). 

  * The rotating shaft/head and vibrating rabbit have separate control= s
andvarying speeds, allowing you to create different combinations and an =
incredible variety of erotic and orgasmic experiences. 

* It is battery "turbo" powered for more vibrations a= nd incredible

Using the Jack Rabbit vibrator, we guarantee you will have the most pl=
easurable, wonderfully intense orgasms and multiple orgasms of your life! 

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