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Dioff R. Guei consultant_gen at
Sat Dec 13 16:08:06 UTC 2003

From=3A Dioff Richard Guei
Address=3A09 B=2EP 144 Zogbo=2C 
Cotonou Republic =2EBenin
Tel=3A + 229 691 238

Dear sir=2C

Compliment of the day and how is life in general with you=3F Of course it is my humble wish to solicit and crave your indulgence to make this project request for a joint business transaction which I hope will not come to you as a surprise=2C hence I plead fo
r your pardon=2E 

I'm Dioff Richard Guei=2C the first Son of late Gen=2E Robert Guei the former military ruler of =28 cote d' Ivoire=2Fivory coast=2C=29 who was killed on 19=2F9=2F2002 with some of his loyalist officers during a cross fire battle between them and government troops in his attempt to seize power through coup de eta in Abidjan on 19=2F9=2F2002 =2E

In brief=2C I have the sum of Twenty Million Seven Hundred Thousand united states dollars=28us$20=2C700=2C000=29only which I want to move out of here with most desperation=2E This money was deposited by my late father in a Holding Firm company for the purpose of using it to fine tune his administration in the invent that he succeeds in the failed coup attempt=2E So because of the present situation in my country cote d' ivoire =2C I was forced to leave the country immediately for security reasons=2C and also to look for a trust worthy foreign partner who can assist me to transfer the money out of Cotonou-Benin Republic to his private or company's account for investment=2E 

Sir=2C I highly need your unreserved assistance both in transferring the money to your country and also investing it in a profitable venture with your kind advice=2C as I confide in you since our father is no more=2EI and my family members have decided to give you 25% of the money as commission=2C while 5% of the money will be used to defray any expenses that might arise in the course of this project=2E

Looking forward to your urgent response=2E

Best regards=2C

Dioff Richard=2E

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