(( Words_Appear_To_Float_On_Mid-Air!!!))

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Tue Dec 16 20:13:26 UTC 2003

 EA012 Message Clock 'Words Appear To Float In Mid-Air!'




    Message Clock 

    Floating Messages - light emitting wand moves so fast you can 

    see the messages Built-in Year-Round Greetings - Beside 

    displaying the time and date, and also displaying on 

    appropriate days (new years, valentines, day, fathers day, 

    etc.)  User Programmable Messages - 4 custom messages can 

    be stored in memory and programmed to display on certain 

    dates or as often as you like! [IMG]





PRICE$ USD69.9 PAYMENT BY PAYPAL (including overseas delivery to the
following countries by EMS: US, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan,
China,New Zealand and Australia)

PRICE$ USD79.9 PAYMENT BY PAYPAL (for countries other than above list)

Items will be sent out within 7 working days after confirmation of your
For more information, please contact philip at hi-endproducts.com[2] 
Unsubscribe, please click here[3]. working days for removal) 

W.L.Y. Enterprises Limited 
Hi-End Products Limited 
Tel: 852-23303344
Fax: 852-27239815 [IMG][4]


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