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Shawn Key key_zq at
Sun Dec 21 14:59:37 UTC 2003

Turn back your aging process naturally.
Our product is guaranteed to improve the following things in your life: 
  * Increased muscle strength and size. 
    * Loss in body fat. 
    * Increased bone density. 
    * Lower blood pressure. 
    * Quickens wound healing. 
    * Reduces cellulite. 
    * Improved vision. 
    * Wrinkle disappearance. 
    * Increased skin thickness and texture. 
    * New hair growth and color restored. 
    * Increased energy levels and exercise endurance. 
    * Improved sleep, sex drive and emotional stability. 
    * Improved memory and mental alertness. 
    * Resistance to common illness. 
    * Strengthened heart muscle. 
    * Controlled cholesterol. 

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