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Sun Dec 21 06:36:17 UTC 2003


My name is Marcus Rogers and I am contacting you on behalf of everyoneswebhost.com ( http://www.everyoneswebhost.com/ ).

We have been in business since May 20, 2003, and are pround to say we host no nigger websites on our servers, so you can be rest assured that our company will always be moving ahead and our servers will be at top speed as we have no niggers to hold us back. We have multiple plans for our users to ensure that we will always have a plan to tailer to your needs.

Our most famous plan "EVERYONESWEBHOST PRO" is on sale for only $15.99 for the holidays.

***DOMAIN SPECIAL!!!*** : Everyoneswebhost.com domain name registration service is hard to beat with annual fees as low as $12/year with free web hosting. Shop for your .com, .net, .org or .uk today!

It includes:

1000 MEGABYTES STORAGE & 25 GIGABYTES TRANSFER and all other standard features.

Everyoneswebhost.com is a host that specializes in white power hosting, we understand that it is an important step in picking from the large selections of web hosts today, when picking a web host, consider these few things.
 - Do you want hosting for your White Power supremacy Site/Forums/Mailing List?
 - Are you afraid of getting shut down because of the content of your site?
 - Do you want a host that will stick up for your rights, and help you build your site?

 - Do you hate it when a little PRICK rats out your site to vbulletin or photopost for using a illegal script without permission?

 - Do like to spam Hundreds of thousands of people about your site and afraid of getting your hosting taken away? 

 - Do you hate those pesty bitches with their cock sucking mother fucking black ass niggas???

These are not problems with Everyoneswebhost.com ( http://www.everyoneswebhost.com/ ). After all, we have been in business for quite a while now and we have never been stopped. In fact, if you are reading this email right now, it means that we have sent this out to several hundred thousand people's email addresses we have collected by using email havesters!!! And we are more than proud to advertise that we 110% support anti nigga hosting, If you are a nigga, we refuse hosting to you right off!

We @ Everyoneswebhost.com have been specializing in White Power Groups since 2003. We currently host some of the largest white supremacy forums and websites in the U.S.A. and China. Everyoneswebhost.com WILL SUPPORT YOU! We are so damn good at "under the counter" hosting, that this email is 100% untracable to us and there is no way the can track it down to us and we can teach you our secrets.
If you need a host that will not be afriad of Lawyers or constant threats trying to get your site terminated?

Contact Information:   
 Marcus Rogers 
 9372 East 11Th Street
 Orlando, FL 32756
 Phone: +1.4074350987   
 AIM: Marcus Micron

Please feel more than free to call me up and we can talk on the phone, we here at EveryonesWebhost.com like to establish a personal relationship with our clients and make sure you aren't black over the phone in real time.

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