Were you online last night?

jenpornstar at aol.com jenpornstar at aol.com
Sun Dec 28 01:28:08 UTC 2003

Hey honey,\\n\\n\\n            Why didn't you email me yesterday? :(\\nAnyway, I'm not mad ;). I finally got those pics you have\\nbeen asking me for. My friend recently put up a website for\\nme with some new sexy thumbnails! Oh, and did i forget to tell you?\\n\\nI got my live webcam up and I'm on there almost 24/7 so you\\ncan finally see me live sweetheart ;) I hope you like what you see.The link to my website is below:\\n\\n<a href="/go-in-now.com/?121402">Elaines Pics & Live Web Cam ;)</a>\\n\\n\\nPlease reply and tell me what you thought, unless you come see me live that is :)\\n\\n\\nTake care sweetheart\\n\\n\\nWith much love,\\n\\nElaine =)\\nXOXO 

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