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I'll make you a promise=2E Read this email to the end! - Get involved=2E=2E=2E
Follow what it says to the letter - and you will not worry whether
a Recession is coming or not=2C who is President=2C or whether you
your current job or not =2E Yes=2C I know what you are thinking=2E

I never responded to one of these before either=2E One day though=2C
something just said =22you throw away $25=2E00 going to a movie
for 2 hours
with your family=22=2E

=22What the heck=2E=22 Believe me=2C no matter where you believe
=22those feelings=22
come from=2C I thank goodness every day that I had that feeling=2E
cannot imagine where I would be or what I would be doing had
I not=2E Read on=2E
It's true=2E Every word of it=2E It is legal=2E Simply because you
are buying and
selling something of value=2E

It's decision time for YOU=2E=2E=2E and today is the day!
This is your chance to have a super money making Internet Business
and this is a Proven legal Internet business=2C that can bring
in unlimited
$$$ working right from your own home and you only have a one
time expense
of just twenty - five dollars US!

One young boy earned over $71=2C000 in just a few weeks using this
Internet system! You can easily duplicate what he did=2C then continue
earning unlimited dollars!

As it turns out=2C the boy had been sending out=2C via E-mail=2C a
type of
=22Report=22 to E-mail addresses that he obtained off of
the Internet=2E
Everyday after school for 2 months=2C he had been doing this right
on his computer in his bedroom=2E =22I just got the E-mail one
day and I
figured what the heck=2C I put my name on it like the instructions
and I started sending it out=22=2E

The E-mail letter listed 5 addresses and contained instructions
to send
one $5 dollar bill to each person on the list for informative
reports=2C then
delete the address at the top and move the others addresses Down=2C
finally to add your name to the Top of the list=2E

The letter went on to state that you would receive several thousand
dollars in five-dollar bills within a few weeks if you sent out
the letter
your name at the top of the 5-address list=2E

Within the first few days of sending out E-mail=2C the Post Office
Box that
his parents had gotten him for his video-game magazine subscriptions
to fill up with not magazines=2C but envelopes containing $5 bills=2E

There was about 300 envelopes stuffed in it=2E There was also a
yellow slip
that said he had to go up to the =5Bpost office=5D counter=2E =22I
thought I was
in trouble or something =28he laughed=29=22=2E He goes on=2C =22I
went up to the counter
and they had a whole box with more mail for me=22=2E

Over the next few weeks=2C the boy continued sending out the E-mail
the Internet=2E The money just kept coming in and he just kept
sorting it and
stashing it in a closet=2C he said=2C=22I barely had time for
my homework=22=2E Some
people thought it might be considered a =22chain letter=22=2C
however=2C a reporting
news team examined and investigated the so-called =22chain-letter=22
and found
that it was not a chain-letter at all=2E

In fact=2C it was totally legal according to The US Postal and
Lottery Laws=2C
Title 18=2C Section 1302 and 1341=2C or Title 18=2C Section 3005 in
the US code=2C
also in the code of Federal Regulations=2C Volume 16=2C Sections
255 and 436=2C
which states a product or service must be exchanged for money
Every five-dollar bill that he received contained a little note
that read=2C
=22Please send me report number XYZ=22=2E
This simple note made the letter legal because he was exchanging
a service
=28A Report on how-to do business on the Internet for a five-dollar

This was the letter he was sending=3A
Dear Friends & Future Millionaires=3A As viewed On National
Making over half million dollars every 4 to 5 months from your
for an investment of only $25 U=2ES=2E Dollars expense one time=2E

Thanks To The Computer Age And The Internet!
You to can be a wealthy like others within a year!

Please read the following testimonials=2E

I am still saying =22Thanks to this profitable opportunity=2E
I was approached
many times before
but each time I passed on it=2E I am so glad I finally joined just
to see what
one could expect in return for the minimal effort and money required=2E
To my astonishment=2C I received total $ 610=2C470=2E00 in 21 weeks=2C
with money still coming in=22=2E
        Pam Hedland=2C Fort Lee=2C New Jersey=2E
=22My name is Mitchell=2E My wife Jody and I live in Chicago=2E
 I am an
accountant with a major U=2ES=2E Corporation and I make pretty good
When I received this program I grumbled to Jody about receiving
I made fun of the whole thing=2C spouting my knowledge of the population
and percentages involved=2E
I =22knew=22 it wouldn't work=2E Jody totally ignored my
supposed intelligence
and few days later she jumped in with both feet=2E I made merciless
fun of
and was ready to lay the old ''I told you so'' on her when the
didn't work=2E
Well=2C the laugh was on me! Within 3 weeks she had received 50
Within the next 45 days she had received a total of $ 147=2C200=2E00
all cash!
I was shocked=2E I have now joined Jody in her =22hobby=22!
      Mitchell Wolf=2C Chicago=2C Illinois
=22Not being the gambling type=2C it took me several weeks to
make up my mind
to participate it this plan=2E But conservative that I am=2C I decided
that the
initial investment was so little that there was just no way that
I wouldn't
enough orders to at least get my money back=2E I was surprised
when I found
my medium size post office box crammed with orders=2E I made $319=2C210=2E00
in the first 12 weeks=2E The nice thing about this deal is that
it does not
where people live=2E There simply isn't a better investment with
a faster
and so =22big=22=2E
      Dan Sondstrom=2C Alberta=2C Canada
=22I had received this program before=2E  I deleted it=2C but
later wondered if
I should have given it a try=2E  Of course=2C I had no idea who to
contact to
another copy=2C so I had to wait until I was e-mailed again by
someone else =2E=2E
11 months passed then it luckily came again=2E I did not delete
this one!
I made more than $490=2C000 on my first try and all the money came
22 weeks=22=2E
    Susan De Suza=2C New York=2C N=2EY=2E
=22It really is a great opportunity to make relatively easy
money with
little cost to you=2E
I followed the simple instructions carefully and within 10 days
the money
started to come in=2E My first month I made $ 20=2C560=2E00 and by
the end of
month my total cash count was $362=2C840=2E00=2E
Life is beautiful=2C thanks to the Internet=22=2E
    Fred Dellaca=2C Westport=2C New Zealand
This is the letter you have been hearing about on the news lately=2E
national weekly news program recently devoted an entire show
to the
investigation of this program described below=2C to see if it really
can make
people money=2E

The show also investigated whether or not the program was legal=2E
findings proved once and for all that there are ''absolutely
NO Laws
the participation in the program=22 and if people can follow
the simple
they are bound to make some mega bucks with only $25 out of pocket

Due to the recent increase of popularity & respect it has
gained=2C this
program is now  Working Better Than Ever!

Just follow The Simple Instructions Below and your Financial
Will Come True=2E=2E=2E

Order all 5 reports shown on the list below For each report=2C
send $5 Cash =28US $=29=2C The Name & Number Of The Report You
Are Ordering
and Your email Address to the  person whose name appears On
That List next  to the report=2E
Make Sure Your Return Address Is On Your Envelope Top Left
Corner in case of any mail problems=2E

 When you place your order=2C make sure you order each of the 5
 You will need all 5 reports so that you can save them on your
 and resell them=2E Your Total Cost $5 X 5 =3D $25=2E00=2E

 Within a few days you will receive=2C via e-mail=2C each of the
5 reports
 from these 5 different individuals=2E
 Save them on your computer so they will be accessible for you
to send to
 the 1=2C000's of people who will order them from you=2E

 Also make a floppy =28Back-up Copy=29 of these reports and keep
it on your desk
 case something happens to your computer=2E

 Important - Do Not alter the names of the people who are listed
next to
 each report=2C or their sequence on the list=2C in any way other
than what is
 instructed below in step ''1 through 6 '' or you will loose
out on the
 majority of your profits=2E

Remember=2C honesty reaps the reward!

1=2E=2E=2E=2E After you have ordered all 5 reports=2C take this advertisement
       and Remove the name & address of the person in Report
# 5=2E
       This person has made it through the cycle and is no doubt
       counting their fortune=2E
2=2E=2E=2E=2E Move the name & address in Report # 4 down To Report
# 5=2E
3=2E=2E=2E=2E Move the name & address in Report # 3 down To Report
# 4=2E
4=2E=2E=2E=2E Move the name & address in Report # 2 down To Report
# 3=2E
5=2E=2E=2E=2E Move the name & address in Report # 1 down To Report
# 2=2E
6=2E=2E=2E=2E Insert Your Name & Address In The Report # 1 Position=2E

 Please Make Sure you copy every name & address Accurately!
Take this entire letter=2C with the modified list of names=2C and
save it on
your computer=2E

Do Not Make Any Other Changes Including the format and text of
this letter=2E
This letter has been tailored to pass reliably through Email

Save this on a disk as well just in case you loose any data=2E

There are 2 Primary methods to get this venture going=3A

Method #1=3A By Sending Bulk Email Legally
Let's say that you decide to start small=2C just to see how it
goes=2C and we
will assume you and those involved send out only 5=2C000 e-mails

Let's also assume that the mailing receives only a 0=2E2% response
response could be much better but lets just say it is only 0=2E2%=2E
many people will send out hundreds of thousands e-mails instead
only 5=2C000 each=29=2E Continuing with this example=2C you send out
5=2C000 e-mails=2E With a 0=2E2%  response=2C that is only 10 orders
for report # 1=2E

Those 10 people responded by sending out 5=2C000 e-mail each for
total of 50=2C000=2E Out of those 50=2C000 e-mails only 0=2E2% responded

That's =3D 100 people responded and ordered Report # 2=2E
Those 100 people mail out 5=2C000 e-mails each for a total of 500=2C000
e-mails=2E The 0=2E2% response to that is 1000 orders for Report
# 3=2E

Those 1000 people send out 5=2C000 e-mails each for a total of
5 million e-mails sent out=2E The 0=2E2% response to that is 10=2C000
for Report # 4=2E

Those 10=2C000 people send out 5=2C000 e-mails each for a total of
50=2C000=2C000 =2850 million=29 e-mails=2E The 0=2E2% response to that is
100=2C000 orders for Report # 5=2E

That's 100=2C000 Orders To You Times $5 EACH =3D $500=2C000=2E00 =28half
Your total income in this example is=3A
1=2E=2E=2E=2E=2E $50 +
2=2E=2E=2E=2E=2E $500 +
3=2E=2E=2E=2E=2E $5=2C000 +
4=2E=2E=2E=2E=2E $50=2C000 +
5=2E=2E=2E=2E=2E $500=2C000
Grand Total =3D $555=2C550=2E00

Numbers Do Not Lie=2E Get A Pencil & Paper And Figure It Out!
Even With The Worste Possible Responses=2C No Matter
How You Calculate It=2C You Will Still Make a Lot of Money!

Method # 2 =3A By Placing Free Ads On The Internet
Advertising on the net is very inexpensive and there are hundreds
of Free
places to advertise=2E Placing a lot of free ads on the Internet
will easily
get a
larger response=2E
We strongly suggest you start with Method # 1 and Method #2 as
you go
along=2E  For every $5 you receive=2C all you must do is e-mail them
the Report
they ordered=2E
That's it=2E Always provide same day service on all orders=2E This
guarantee that the e-mail they send out=2C with your name and address
on it=2C
will be promptly sent out=2C because they cannot advertise until
they receive
the report from you=2E

Order Each Report By Its Number & Name Only=2E
Note=3A Always send $5 cash =28U=2ES=2E Currency=29 for each Report=2E
Checks are Not accepted=2E Make sure the cash is concealed by wrapping
 it in at least 2 sheets of paper=2E On one of those sheets of
paper=2C Write
Number & the Name of the Report you are ordering=2C Your Email
Address and
your name and postal address=2E
Hint=3A=2E=2E If you wrap your $5 bill in card or tag weight paper=2C
light cannot
shine through and expose your money and will less likely to disappear
the mail=2E

 Place Your Order For These Reports Now =3A
Report # 1=3A =22The Insider's Guide to Advertising for Free
on the Net=22
Order Report # 1 from=3A

Patrick Veillette
17 rue des Sorbiers
Blainville=2C Qc=2C Canada
J7C 5E4
Report # 2=3A =22The Insider's Guide to Sending Bulk e-mail
on the Net=22
Order Report # 2 from=3A

99 Bronte Road=2C
Suite # 506=2C
Oakville=2C On=2E Canada
L6L 3B7
Report #3=3A =22Secret's to Multilevel Marketing on the Net=22
Order Report # 3 from=3A

Bruce Smith
107 Don Allen Rd=2E
Louisville=2C KY
40207    USA
Report #4=3A =22How to Become a Millionaire Utilizing MLM &
the Net=22
Order Report # 4 from=3A

Henry Jones
P=2EO=2E BOX 69
Glenwood=2C Il
60425    USA
Report #5=3A =22How to Send Out One Million e-mails for Free=22
Order Report # 5 from=3A

Michael Hale
3691 South Main Street
Marion=2C NY
14505    USA

Follow these guidelines to guarantee your success=3A
If you do not receive at least 10 orders for Report # 1 within
2 weeks=2C
continue sending e-mails until you do=2E After you have received
10 orders=2C 2 to 3 weeks after that you should receive 100 orders
more for Report # 2=2E If you did not=2C continue advertising or
e-mails until you do=2E
Once you have received 100 or more orders for Report # 2=2C YOU
RELAX=2C because the system is already working for you=2C and the
cash will
continue to roll in!

The Following Is a Note From The Originator Of This Program=3A

You have just received information that can give you financial
freedom for
the rest of your life=2C with Little Risk and Just a Little Bit
Of Effort=2E
You can make more money in the next few weeks and months than
you have
ever imagined=2E Follow the program Exactly as Instructed=2E
It Is Up To You Now!!!

This Is a One Time Mailing=2C No Need to Request Removal

If you have any questions of the legality of this program=2C contact
Office of Associate  Director for Marketing Practices=2C
Federal Trade Commission=2C Bureau of Consumer Protection=2C
Washington=2C D=2EC=2E This message is sent in compliance of the proposed
SECTION 301=2Eper =3E Section 301=2C Paragraph =28a=29=282=29=28C=29 of S=2E 1618=2E
Further transmission to you by the sender of  this e-mail may
be stopped
promptly by sending a reply with the word REMOVE in the subject
Line to the email address at the top of this page=2E This message
is not
intended for residents in the State of Washington=2C screening
of addresses
has been done to the best of our technical ability=2E

   Be Happy  =3A-=29

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