it's about time, i know

Craig Johnson yourfinancialfuture2003 at
Wed Feb 5 10:05:51 UTC 2003

As promised, we reserved a position for inn-bugs at with our company,
but we need you to confirm immediately.

We're holding your spot and we have people who are waiting to be
placed under you. You need to confirm right away if you have not
done so already. We'll then notify you when your commission check
is waiting (that doesn't take long at all...but you'll definitely hear from us first). 

However, you must confirm your position immediately or you'll lose
the customers who are waiting to be placed under you. 

Remember, you make money every time someone we place under
you upgrades to member. This can be very substantial and extremely
lucrative. So go right now - before you do anything else!

Simply confirm by going to the website below and entering in your information.

There is no charge for confirming and you can Test Drive our system for Free until you decide it's the right thing for you.

The next email from us will show you all the customers we're placing below you.

Craig Delmeyer

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