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Privacy Champion is the first and only tool you'll need to clean up your
computer and regain your privacy. We know the net, and we know how to keep
itprivate. Some among us have been victims of privacy invasion -- sites you
don't even know you visited have stored graphic and obscene pornographic
pictures on your harddrive. Privacy Champion is here to help, it is designed
to clean up your tracks, the ones you know about and even the ones you
don't.Just take a look at some of its features!

*PERMANENTLY deletes browser's cache files 
*PERMANENTLY deletes browser's cookie files 
*The "PANIC!" button instantly clears all traces of your activities and
closes all your browser windows 
*Deletes Windows temporary folder and files 
*Blocks unwanted additions to "Favorites" folder 
*Locks your homepage so only you can change it 
*Deletes "Recent Documents" list 
*Deletes recently opened files from the "Run" menu 
*Deletes list of recently opened application files 
*Clears all traces of your activities on shutdown 
*Frees hard drive space 
*Speeds up your computer

Click here[1] to view our site or paste into your web browser! 

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