Folake Susan Abiola folake at indiatimes.com
Sat Feb 8 20:39:48 UTC 2003

I send warm and fraternal compliments to you=2E I am delighted and
concern in offering you this viable and profiting opportunity=2E After all necessary enquiries about your company=2C I am convinced and wish to invest my trust in you=2E

I am Madam Folake Abiola=2C ex wife of late MKO Abiola a philantropist and a reputable businessman who was killed by the then military government in his struggle to become the president=2E Recently=2C his =22WILL=22 was reviewed to we members of his family and it happened that I inherited the sum of $85million with other properties attached to it=2E Unfortunately=2C other family members has become jealous because of the things I inherited and they are now threatening to kill me with the help of some local =22MAFIAS=22 if I don't release all the properties which I inherited with the money to them=2E Already=2C the have succeeded in taking all the solid assets which I inherited and the only thing left with me is this $85million that I inherited=2E They have even made it impossible for me to talk to anybody on the telephone=2E My only means of communication now is my =22LAWYER=22=2E 

Please=2C I am soliciting for your assistance enable me transfer this sum of $85million abroad for safe keeping and preferrebly invest the money in shares=2E I am willing to give 20% of the total sum to you for your assistance=2E I am so anxious to see that my money is transferred abroad before my enemies gets their hands on it=2E I will be so grateful=2Cif you could be kind enough to assist me=2EI am putting all my trust in you=2E Please=2C I would like you to contact my Lawyer SAMUEL OKOYE =28ESQ=29so that he can help us arrange for the transfer of the money over to your country=2E His telephone number is=3A 234 1 803 325 8798=2E Please contact him as soon as possible=2E

Thanks and God bless you=2Cas I look forward to your response=2E

Yours Faithfully=2C

Madam Folake Abiola=2E

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