2 - 3 hours work = $286 to $1,289 Daily Cash Profit!

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Fri Feb 14 23:18:34 UTC 2003

 25 calls per day to customers EXPECTING your call generates 

25 calls per day to customers EXPECTING your call generates 

$2-7K in hefty commissions per week, on-going. 

Have a genuine interest in working from home? Telecommute, working from a
virtual office set up in your home, in any city of the U.S. No relocation
necessary. You never come to an office. This is a flex-time, flex-place
opportunity designed to fit around you and your family’s income and time

You can also work your regular job and do this on the "side", as the hours
include part time evenings Monday through Thursday, and also varied daytime
&evening hours every other weekend. 

Commission Range is  $1,000  -  $9,600 

Our product is ‘one of a kind’, and extremely unique. It’s very in demand,
and high ticket. What’s more, it can be presented to the prospect in a very
simple and uncomplicated way. 

Cold calling/phone sales experience is highly preferred. 

You must be a disciplined self starter - able to work consistently without
needing any motivation from others to get the job done. Do not apply if you
are not. 

You must be comfortable working non-stop, a minimum of 2 to 3 hours per
evening on the phone. Do not apply if you are not. 

This is an exceptional opportunity for a few special, top performing; ‘crème
de le crème’ persons who love to talk to people and who possess higher than
average closing ability. Professional experience in recruiting, insurance,
debt collection, or financial products is highly desirable. 

    * A resident of the continental United States. 
    * Extremely ambitious and driven to achieve high levels of commission. 
    * Reliable, outgoing, caring, confident, competitive, &assertive. 
    * Comfortable doing high volume out-bound calling.   
    * A self starter with strong autonomy and high initiative; able to work
independently and consistently without direct supervision. 
    * Able to devote a minimum of 14 hours per week; these hours will vary
but include evening hours, and also every other weekend to include various
daytime and evening hours. 
    * Able to follow scripts, training mandates, directions &etc. to the
    * A strong professional, yet personable phone presence. 
    * Superb communication &listening skills. 
    * Exceptional time management, organizational, and follow up
    * A quiet place in which to work, with minimum disruptions. 
    * Your own PC with Microsoft Word, and contact management software. 
    * Unlimited internet and e-mail capabilities. 
    * An active Long Distance Carrier. 
    * A dedicated phone line strictly for business purposes. 
    * Able to speak and write clear fluent English. 

Our representatives work from their homes as independent contractors and
enjoy the independence, convenience and challenge it entails. Top closers
earn well over $200,000 per year. 

By accommodating the flexibility and family/lifestyle needs of our team
members, we’ve found that we can attract the ‘very best’ of the very best.
We’re only interested in the highest quality, most mature and stable
individuals possible. 

Our state of the art technology and communications infrastructure ensures
that you are properly supported, and that the virtual working environment is
seamless in every way possible. 

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, follow the following
instructions. Again, if you are not qualified, or you do not meet each and
every requirement, please do not apply!  NO exceptions.  Thank you. 

Do NOT hit reply to this email, it will not reach us.  Send a separate email
to AdminSupport at globestrategic73462.com[1]  **Important- type the word
‘Interested’ in the subject line of your email, (with many email services,
you will see the word already typed in the subject line for you). Without
theword in the subject line, we will not be reached. **Note-any emails with
anything else will not reach us.       **To unsubscribe to this list and/or
our partner database lists, please use the convenient removal link provided
near the bottom of this email.** 

Please save all of your questions for after you have received the
informationwe will be sending to you. 

We will respond via email within 24 hours with complete details.   

You're receiving this email because you agreed to receive offers via email
from one of our marketing partners. If you believe you have received this
email in error or would like to not receive these special offers, please
**DONOT** reply to this email address, or to any other email address
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Please use the link below and allow up to 72 hours for your request to be
processed. You may receive additional e-mail during that time. Thank you for
your patience. To be removed simply click here[2]. 

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