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Touching Base,

Christian Based Inc. 500 Company Needs You.  Our Company will introduce to the market this year a wind energy system that will start 
generating electricity with a 3 MPH wind.  This device mounted on your roof-top, with no blades or propellers, silently capturing the 
power of the wind to provide electricity for your home.  This is expected to be as big as Computer, Microwave Ovens and VCR'S.  This 
could be your opportunity of a Lifetime.  We need people we can train to Manager across the World.  You can start making money your 
first week and I can show you how to earn $11,000 your first month, if you follow our proven plan.  Our Company also has profit sharing, 
bonus car, paid travel programs and early retirement.

We have become the world's largest producer of indoor air quality equipment and besides indoor air pollution, we address the problem of 
water quality.  With the need for clean Air and Water our company has been rated the number one Home Based Business in America for 
two years in a row.  Our government uses the Company products around the world, and in fact, they're using our air purifiers in the 
pentagon right now.

In these two areas alone we have people earning close to a million dollars a year, and we are only touching 2% of the market.  

If I can show you a way to make  $ 11.000.00 in one month by following my proven technique would this be of interest to you? 

Go to  and click on Wind energy section, be sure to fill out survey page. 
Also please take time to listen to Dr. Grady on Thursday nights 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM EST 646 519 5815  pin  5099 # press star 6 to mute 
out your own background noise-The complete technical presentation and a close for your new partners. On Monday nights 10:00 PM 
EST Cadle & Dr. Grady 646 519 5815 Pin 5099# 

For those who are extrememly interested in the Wind Tree -There are intentions for 2003 to place up to 500 units in the field all over 
America. Once the test meet our company qualifications, we will begin mass production. Get in now, gather you about 100 folks to help 
you sell. Your over ride check as a sales manger will equate to a lot of money. The point system designated on the wind tree is 3000 
points according to Cadle. For everyone you sell at the sales manager level you will recieve about $l200 and the over-ride on distributors 
under you will be around $600.00 each.   

Let me  know the best time to call you including your phone number. There is no further information to send that is not on these sites. 
The cost of two dinners $35.00 will get you in the business . You will receive a dealer kit within just a few days. 


Dr. Grady 
(Also www.ebiministries.c

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