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IRAQ/UN War! - Terrorist Tactics &Taking Countermeasures 
Here we give you some essential information by way of - free downloads,
&somedetailed strategies, showing you how to resist terrorist attack on your
family &community. 

A Short Note to You - The Concerned CitizenDear Concerned &Responsible
Yes you are being very responsible for taking the trouble to open this email
and be more informed about the steps that you can take to protect you
In the wake of 9/11, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Somalia and other global
centersof terrorist activity, we have come to realise that some relatively
small groups of misguided &dangerous individuals can bring death and
destruction right to our own doorsteps . Now an unfortunate consequence to
the imminent escalation of the IRAQ/UN situation, could be a resurgence in
terrorist activities.

Perhaps coming to our site may assist you in taking effective steps in
countering some of the threats to, and preserving the security and well
beingof your loved ones. 
Unfortunately, not everyone can get ready access to the vital strategies we
provide, even on the internet. We have gone to great lengths to research
&compile this information into an easy to read and apply format. 

So, get our free download, by filling in your details in the form below.
Thiswill take you to our site where you can download our Free Fact Sheet and
other more detailed vital information.

Now you can take personal charge of the well being of your loved ones,
educating them to learn &use some simply applied strategies to preserve
theirsafety in response to terrorist initiated activities. 
Wishing you peace and good health.
The "Safe Community" Team 

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