A BRAND NEW PROGRAM! Now In Pre-Launch! (till February 1st, 2003)

Transitions 21 spartacus at batuta.net
Fri Jan 10 01:13:07 UTC 2003

By joining our COOP during pre-launch, we will guarantee you 5 members in your downline. We are trying to make EVERYONE successful, not just a handful. After you join, we will stack your downline to take advantage of the forced matrix and ALL THE SPILL OVER'S.

 Here is an opportunity that offers EVERYONE an equal chance to become financially successful.
                IF YOU WANT A BETTER LIFE...
                            Check it out!
Send an e-mail with "Show Me" in the Subject line to: jlhammond at honduras.com
Best Wishes,
PS.  Don't forget - You'll get 5 Paid signups during prelaunch

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