INN does not install storage.h

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Jan 21 19:36:07 UTC 2003

Egil Kvaleberg <egil at> writes:

> The INN "make install" installs libstorage.a and indeed the
> corresponding man-file, libstorage.3. The man-file shows the proper way
> if using libstorage, which begins with including storage.h

> Unfortunately, the header files are not included. Which seems not quite
> logical, in particular since the man file correctly suggests that the
> include file is indeed required to use libstorage.

This is, at present, intentional, because the interfaces to those
libraries are not even remotely stable (and the documentation may or may
not be currently correct; I haven't checked).  This makes it a pain to
compile other software against libstorage, I realize, but there are other
things that may also make it a pain, including the fact that we're going
to be changing the API significantly in the near future.

Simiarly, the shared libraries that come with INN are not properly
versioned at the moment.

Our intention is to begin installing the header files once the conversion
of INN's header files from the old layout to the new layout and the
redoing of the overview and storage APIs are complete, which may be INN
2.5 and otherwise will be INN 2.6.

All of INN's include files will live in an inn subdirectory when we're
finished except for the ones like clibrary.h that are used only for
building INN.  We took a very large step towards that in INN 2.4, which
should be out within a month or two.

We have to install the libraries in case they're built shared, but
installing the include files feels to me like a promise that there's some
degree of stability and usefulness for outside projects in those
libraries.  Maybe I'm being too conservative....

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