Intelligent x-ref PIM, Contact Manager, Organizer Executive Summary and Business Plan

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please review the description.

Jacksonville, FL, computer software firm manufactures products designed =
for mass-marketing in information processing. Available on the internet =
at BrainAgenda carries the strengths of the best =
Personal Information Manager PIM ever, adding a wining combination of =
easy access, sophisticated cross-referencing and proprietary network =
database. Cross-referencing (x-ref) like in old Lotus Agenda. The core =
proprietary database creates a new market niche, becoming the heart of =
other products claiming intelligence, customizability, ease of use and =
understanding of human interaction. The company is seeking $1Million to =
further production and for advertising. Patent pending technology. =
Profitable in two years.

Please find attached the Executive Summary and Business Plan for IBC =

If you can help in finding financing for, or if you =
are interested in the product, please contact me through e-mail or =

Thank you

Alex Sroka
tel. (904)287-9532
e-mail alex2004 at


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