MALLAM SULE BELLO sulebello at
Fri Jul 25 23:06:47 UTC 2003

My Dear=2C
It is with heartfelt hope that I write to seek your co-operation and 
assistance in the context stated below May I start by introducing myself first I am DR=2E=28MRS=2E=29MARIAM ABACHA=2Cthe wife of Late General Sani Abacha =28former Military head of state and President of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria=29 who died suddenly on 8th June 1998=2E I got your contact through the help of my sister-inlaw that works with the Canadian Chambers of Commerce and Tourrism=2CthoughI did not disclose to her my humble intention for a honest foreigner who will help save my 
life and my children=2E Having noted the confidence reposed on your person by the sponsor of the recommendation=2C I became convinced of your capability and goodwill to assist me in receiving the sum of US$20 Million secretly willed in my favour by the late general =28my husband=29=2E
 This money was kept in a Security Company in Amsterdam Holland and I have all documents with me as of when it was deposited in a Security Vault for safe keeping=2EThis money has been defaced for Security reasons and also to avoid it been spent by unauthorized persons=2EWe have been deliberating on how to invest this fund abroad in a confidential manner until we came to a conclusion to use it to buy houses and part of it will be used for non-speculative investments in your country=2E    However=2Cthe current civilian administration of retired General Olusegun Obasanjo=28The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria=29 is
seeking vengeance on the Abacha family because of the life prison jail 
sentence confirmed on him by my late husband while in office=2E In pursuit of this vendetta=2Cthe present Government have resolved to freeze all known assets of General Sani Abacha including properties at home and abroad and are presently embarking on seizing the various bank accounts of my husband in Switzerland=2CUK and Australia=2E In fact=2C the attack on our family =28The Abacha's=29 is so devastated to an extent of seizing our travelling passport=2Cfamily accounts and even trying some members of our family in court for offences allegedly committed by my late husband=2E
 My first son Mohammed Abacha who was arrested and incacerated for the past 3years was just released from prison on the agreement to refund $1=2E5 Billion to the Federal Government of Nigeria allegedly stolen by my late Husband=2EWe are not ready to comply to this as most of the family assets and bank accounts abroad have been Frozen by the Obasanjo regime=2E
 In view of this grevious threat to our Economic and personal survival=2Cour family trustee have secretly protected the will=2CThe Security Company has called me to do something about claiming this consignment because of the demurrage it is incurring and I told them we would come and claim it very soon but they seriously advised me to move the fund into an oversea account=2C hence the reason why I have chosen you and hope that you will come to my full assistance and unlimited
 In the meantime=2Cthere is a travelling embargo on us=28the whole family members=29 and our local accounts are seized=2E We are currently living 
on goodwill of people who believe we cannot be held responsible for the 
sins of my late husband=2E In view of this plight=2C I expect you to be 
trustworthy and kind enough to respond to this distressed call to save me and my children from a hopeless future=2E And if you agree to help=2C we will compensate you sincerely for your candid effort in this regard with 25% of the total amount of $20 Million US Dollars=2E
 In that case=2C when the money =28$20 Million=29 is moved into your discrete account=2C you will be allowed to withdraw 25% in your favour=2Cwhile 10% has been set aside for any expenses you might incure =28There are demurrage to pay before the fund is signed and claimed by you=2E=29during the process of securing this fund=2CThe remaining 65% will be invested meaningfully for my children's future=2E 
 My cousin =28MALLAM SULE BELLO=29 has perfected arrangements with the Trust Company concerned and has been assured 100% risk free and safe 
operation=2EWhat I demand from you now is to arrange to visit the Finance 
Company where this money is being deposited and claim it as the bona-fide owner=2E
 And in due course=2C all contacts must be made through
MALLAM SULE BELLO through his Telephone=3A234-1-7763021 and my E-mail address is sulebello=40post=2Ecz=2CI look forward to your quick response while thanking you for your co-operation=2E In view of all the above
details=2CI request you to keep this letter and the informations highly confidential=2E
 Best wishes=2C

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