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Middle East
Website Awards 2003[8][8]
Let your website be the WINNER !!![9] [10]  >>CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT<< [11] 

The businesses the world over has accepted the benefits of a website. It has
become a direct and inexpensive medium for an organization to continuously
interact with its clients. But the question that we need to find a suitable
reply is "are these websites providing the promised returns?" The Website
Awards is a novel initiative to recognize and merit the best of the web from
the Middle East. This issue of the newsletter focuses on the awards.

Join the awards and merit the best website


Submit your website for the Middle East Website Awards[15][15]

Nominations for the Middle East Website Award have now opened in the search
to reward those companies that have provided really useful information about
itself over the internet. 

The Awards, initiated this year, aim to encourage greater use of internet
technology to provide customers with information in a readily accessible

The Awards are part of our various initiatives to encourage greater and
better use of the internet and web technology: 
    Log on to the organizers website[16] which contains the required
criteriathat must be satisfied to refer your website for the Awards
    The Middle East Website Awards are awarded to companies which meet these
criteria imaginatively 
    The annual awards ceremony, to be held on 21st October 2003 on the day
ofthe Datamatix Webmasters Conference[17]
    Anyone can nominate a company via the online submission form at


How poorly created websites can seriously damage your brand and business?

Websites are a key part of many modern businesses. A good website will allow
people to read an article or buy a product from wherever they are, whenever
they want to. But a bad website will not just frustrate users. It will
damageyour entire brand.

'Good websites' are good for a reason. They have content that users value,
and make access to this content quick and easy. But when a website has poor
content or a bad interface the customer experience is affected. People
becomefrustrated if they cannot find something they want on the site, make a
purchase, or even read an article without being distracted by intrusive
This poor customer experience is not just a problem for the website. The
effects can carry through to damage your entire brand. 

Your brand is vitally important to your organization - it is how people see
you and what you do. It will have been carefully cultivated, to give 'the
right message'. People will arrive at a website with ideas defined by
previous exposure to a brand. But when they leave the website they will take
with them ideas about the brand based on their experiences there.

Customer experience of a brand can be disproportionately affected by the
experience they have, and unfortunately, websites are often the worst touch
point that customers have with organizations. Moreover, since people
frequently tell others about what they find online, these experiences are
typically shared. 

Easy to use interfaces developed in conjunction with real users are the only
sure-fire way to develop websites that enhance the overall customer
experience and the brand. By choosing instead to sideline the customer when
designing websites, organizations risk damage to the whole brand.

Is Your Website the Weakest Link? Submit your website for a free assessment,
or talk to one of our consultants who would be glad to share his ideas on
developing websites that deliver. 


"Our commitment to our clients and the technology sector of the economy goes
strategic communications insight and impeccable tactical implementation. 
We believe, to the extent possible, that we need to participate and set an

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Thanks for your interest in premier events conducted in the Middle East.
Thisinformative mail is an appreciation to the keen interest shown by you in
such events. We welcome you to join us in our mission to lead the change in
Middle East technology scene. In the event you feel you do not need to
receive this informative email. Simply click here [27]and all further
transmissions to you will be stopped at no extra effort. 

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