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Abraham Oshuare abraham4 at
Tue Jul 29 11:19:16 UTC 2003

I am presently in the cabinet of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obansanjo.

For confidentiality, I shall remain anonymous until I receive your consent. I have the authority to issue out contract to the tune of #10 million pounds (Ten million pounds sterling). Presently, I appointed my son to help in moving out some funds, I did not know he was not a smart boy and was not competent in conducting this kind of transaction. As I am writing you this letter, he is been arrested in London. Most of the newspapers in my country have published this story thereby embarrassing me.

For this reason, I am seriously looking for a foreigner partner to help us in moving out funds. We want to be doing this transfer gradually but for now we want to move out #10 million pounds. If you can be of assistance let me know.

Any expenses that will be incurred will be deducted from the funds once it gets to your account. Let me know what percentage you want for your support. I will appreciate it if you can assist in this regard.

I await your reply.


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