A mandate

peter diomba peterdiomba2 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 3 20:02:49 UTC 2003

I am pleased to introduce myself to you=3B I am Peter Diomba=2C a native of South Africa=2C and an employee of SOUTH AFRICA MINISTRY OF MINERALS AND ENERGY currently here in EUROPE on a Trade Mission=2E I am writing to request your assistance in order to redeem an investment interest currently held under trust with the SOUTH AFRICA MINISTRY OF MINERALS AND ENERGY=2E The said investment now valued at $15=2E95 Million US$ was originally purchased by the investor and leased to the FREE STATE CONSOLIDATED MINING COMPANY in 1975=2E Since maturity of this investment in September 2000=2C several attempts have been made without success to contact the said investor=2E And there is no way to contact any of the relatives in whose favor the investment value can be paid=2E My partner who is the account director at the same Ministry and his colleague have carefully initiated the process of filling a claim for the this money=2C with the hope of transferring this money abroad under your trus
 t=2C since you have the same last name and country of residence as the initial investor=2E My partner will file a claim for this money indicating that you were appointed by the investor to be the beneficiary to this fund=2E When the claim is approved=2C you as beneficiary will be paid the sum of US$15=2E95m=2E I would like to assure you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about in view of this claim=3A it is perfectly safe with no risk involved=2E This claim is also secured from all forms of inquiries because my partners will be handling it directly on your behalf in SOUTH AFRICA=2E Please ensure to keep this matter strictly confidential because we are still in active government service in SOUTH AFRICA=2E We reserve a special compensation=2C which we believe would be reasonable and proportional to your effort=2Finput to the realization of this once in a lifetime opportunity=2E The percentage compensation would be applied to the balance=2C after applicable taxes and=2Fo
 r any deductions associated with this claim have been made=2E I want to assure you that my partners are in a position to make payment of this claim possible=2C provided you are ready to meet with us to give us a very strong guarantee that our share will be well secured=2C and that you will not take advantage of our position in this deal=2E If this proposal is acceptable to you=2C please reach me on your reply mail=2E Yours truly=2C Mr=2E Peter Diomba 

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