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Wed Nov 5 14:56:57 UTC 2003

Solopay was designed to provide consumers and merchants with the ability to send and receive SoloPay credits without the hassle an
d frustration that seems to be involved with most payment processing systems on the Internet. Each credit is valued at $1.00 usd.
Users may redeem their credits for the cash equivalency at any time by selling these credits back to Solopay.

Without limiting our users to few withdraw options and high fees for transactions, SoloPay has enabled anyone who wishes to accept
 payments on their website or via email to do so at an affordable cost. Whether you wish to send or receive funds from clients, fa
mily or friends, SoloPay offers competitive rates and lucrative options.

We believe in treating our members with fairness and honesty. We will not “freeze” or suspend your account for activities such as
MLM, Income Opps or for websites focused within the adult business. In addition, if your account experiences problems, we will wor
k with you to ensure that you are given the ability to continue using SoloPay within our guidelines.

SoloPay is based in Venus, Texas with offices in Missouri, and in Canada. We work with both local and international members and st
rive to offer anyone, regardless of location or country, with the ability to easily send and receive funds electronically. We hous
e a customer support division, a technical support division and an accounting department to tend to the daily activity on the Solo website.

Our call center is available by dialing 1-877-500-7520 and is a toll free call. We also offer a voice tour guide that will help yo
u learn more about SoloPay and how you can take advantage of our great features and services.

Solo Pay

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