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<p><font color=3D"#FFFFFF">As I say, she'd of divorc monogamous ed Jim, =
only she seen that she couldn't support  ascend herself and the kids=
 and she was always hopin' that some day Jim would cut out his habits and =
give her more than two or three dollars a week.

=0AThey was a time when she would go to whoever he was workin' for and  =
excrescent ask them to give her  elaborate his wages, but after she d=
one this once or twice, he beat her to it by borrowin' most of his pay in =
advance. He told it all round town, how he had outfoxed his Missus. He cer=
tainly was a caution!

=0ABut he wasn't satisfied with just outwittin' her. He was sore the way s=
he had acted, tryin' to grab off his pay. And he made up his mind he'd get=
 even. Well, he waited till Evans's Circus was advertised to come to town.=
 Then he told his wife and two kiddies that he was goin' to take them to t=
he circus. The day of the circus, he told them he would get the tickets an=
d meet them outside the entrance to the tent.

=0AWell, he didn't have no intenti fall ons of bein' =
infrastructure there or buyin' ticke marcia ts or nothin'. He got full=
 of gin and laid round Wright's poolroom all day. His wife and the kids wa=
ited and waited and of course he didn't show up. His wife didn't have a di=
me with her, or nowhere else, I guess. So she finally had to tell the kids=
 it was all off and they cried like they wasn't never goin' to stop.

=0AWell, it seems, w'ile they was cryin', Doc Stair come along and he aske=
d what was the matter, but Mrs. Kendall was stubborn and wouldn't tell him=
, but the kids told him and he insisted on takin' them and their mother in=
 the show. Jim found this out afterwards and it was one reason why he had =
it in for Doc Stair.
Doc Stair come here about a year  sacrificial and a half ago. He's a migh=
ty handsome young fella a aficionado nd his clothes always look like he =
has them made to order. He goes to Detroit two or three times a year and w=
'ile he's there must have a tailor take his measure and then make him a su=
it to order. They cost pretty near twice as much, but they fit a whole lot=
 better than if you just bought them in a store.

=0AFor a w'ile everybod beman y was wonderin' why a young doctor li=
ke Doc Stair should come to redactor  a town like this where we alread=
y got old Doc Gamble and Doc Foote that's both been here for years and all=
 the practice in town was always divided between the two of them.

=0A like you'd been 
  drinkin' something of that kind or somethin' worse."</font><br>
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<p><font color=3D"#FFFFF1">T walk up and down 
  or some Saturdays, of course, he'd be settin' in this chair =
castanet part of the time, 
  gettin' a haircut.<br>
  </font><font color=3D"#FFFFFF"> </font> </p>
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